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WebFTS is powered by FTS3. CERN - EUDAT, 2014

What is WebFTS?

WebFTS is a file transfer and management solution which allows users to invoke reliable, managed data transfers on distributed infrastructures.

Created following simplicity and efficiency criteria, WebFTS allows the user to access and interact with multiple storage elements. Their content becomes browsable and different filters can be applied to get a set of files to be transferred. Transfers can be invoked and capabilities are provided for checking the detailed status of the different transfers and resubmitting any of them with only one click.

The “transfer engine” used is FTS3, the service responsible for distributing the majority of LHC data across WLCG infrastructure. This provides WebFTS with reliable, multi-protocol (gridftp, srm, http, xrootd), adaptively optimised data transfers


Who can transfer files through WebFTS?

Everybody who has a valid certificate installed in his/her browser!

Supported browsers are Chrome and Firefox . Supported platforms are Linux, OsX and Windows.
The authentication with the Grid Storage Elements (SE) is done based on certificates.


Is it difficult?
How to start?

Since you have a valid certificate in your browser, start with submitting a transfer!
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